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    17 Photos That'll Confuse You For A Moment, Until You're Like, "Ohhhh I Get It"

    I promise, none of these are ~actually~ NSFW.

    1. Ummm, is that lady just hanging out bottomless at a public park?

    What looks like a woman lying on her stomach on the grass and wearing a thong

    NVM, that's someone's leg.

    Close up, you see her bare butt is the bent leg and arm of someone sitting in front of her

    2. Either this man is a giant or he's leaning into a dollhouse...

    A masked man's head in what looks like the front yard of a house

    Ohhhh, he's on a balcony!

    The balcony is apparent up close, with the yard below him

    3. Is that Bert from Sesame Street?

    The rear view of someone walking down the street with a hairdo like Sesame Street's Bert

    Okay, that makes more sense.

    Up close, the person is carrying a small child on their shoulders

    4. Hey, look, that guy with spiky hair is about to dive!

    A person with raised arms above the water

    Hey, look, it's actually some kind of sea urchin in a person's hand!

    Up close, it's another person's arm in the water holding a sea urchin

    5. Looks like Mark Zuckerberg is in the hospital — hope he's okay...

    A person lying in a hospital bed with a Mark-like face or mask

    Oops, never mind.

    It's clearly a mask/dummy up close

    6. Wow, this concert looks packed!

    A crowd in front of a stage with tall poles above them

    That is...a carpet and a table. My bad.

    The stage is a light, the crowd is a rug, and the poles are table legs

    7. There's a hole in the floor!

    A black, slightly furry "hole" in a kitchen floor

    Nope, it's just a very good boy.

    It's clearly a black dog looking up from the kitchen floor

    8. This uncooked bacon looks delicious, right?

    Strips of raw bacon

    Wrong! Unless you have very tough teeth.

    They're blocks of wood

    9. Oh no, someone broke into this person's trunk and stole their spare tire!

    A car trunk missing the spare

    Actually, it's a mirror. Yup, just a mirror.

    A car mirror

    10. Okay, there's NO WAY this isn't a grisly murder scene...

    White sheets on a queen-size bed with red splotches on them

    Ah, flowers. Pretty.

    The sheets have red flowers on them

    11. Stop running water onto your iPhone! You'll break it!

    Water bubbles on an iPhone screen

    Oh, it's a tub with a bath bomb. Carry on.

    A bathtub filled with bubbly water

    12. What is this velociraptor doing on the roof?

    A velociraptor on a surface

    Oops, just some rooftop gymnastics. Forgot that velociraptors don't exist anymore.

    It's a person doing gymnastics on the roof


    A lobster in space with a planet in the background


    It's a crawfish in a pot

    14. What a lovely line of pineapples!

    Two rows of pineapples (that actually look like turtles separated by greenery, tbh)

    Turtles. What a lovely line of turtles.

    Yep, they're turtles

    15. Ah, a view of beautiful New York City rooftops.

    Those are some weird-looking rooftops

    Well, I thought it was rooftops.

    They're actually radiators

    16. Mmm, fresh avocado!

    Half of a very ripe avocado with the pit in the middle lying on the ground

    Whatever, would eat.

    It's the inside of a tree trunk

    17. And finally, some tasty bowls of mac 'n' cheese.

    Five bowls or cups of mac 'n' cheese

    Or drywall anchors. Same thing.

    They're actually jars and bowls of drywall anchors

    H/T: r/misleadingthumbnails.