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17 Times The Internet Called Out The English Language

Nobody should have to learn this language.

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1. Because this insane entry exists.

2. Seriously.

3. Because we did this.

4. Because everyone can get confused sometimes.

5. Because this crap actually makes some sense.

6. Because if you just flip the order of two words, you sound like a weirdo.

7. Because we take words from other languages and totally ignore their meaning.

8. Because our homonyms are the worst.

9. I mean, come on.

10. And sometimes a word is ITS OWN ANTONYM. WHY.

11. And we tend to use proper nouns in non-proper-noun situations.

12. Because sometimes our words are just plain weird.

13. Because the "rules" are broken all the time.

14. Because these headache-inducing sentences are just fine.

15. Because ghoti = fish.

16. Because punctuation can change EVERYTHING.

17. And at the end of the day, we all have to remember that we're responsible for this.

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