21 Photos That Are The Epitome Of "What The Hell Happened Here?"

    A picture really is worth a thousand words.

    1. The case of the not-ranch:

    2. And the sort of reverse of that:

    3. This short story that you can imagine playing out:

    4. This very clear cause and effect:

    5. This dog who knows exactly how he got here:

    6. This unsurprising display:

    7. This sign that clearly came from many U-turns:

    8. This sign, which I can't believe has to exist:

    9. Same here:

    10. This image that says it all:

    11. This comment, which clearly has a DOOZY of a story behind it:

    12. This aftermath of a bad, bad decision:

    13. This sign, which is just...sigh:

    14. This sign, which probably only came into existence after many, many awkward conversations:

    15. This photo that says it all:

    Twitter: @GavinEdgington

    16. This sign that, again, should not have to exist:

    17. And this one too:

    Twitter: @jillybeees

    18. This sign that truly has me puzzled:

    19. This bit of writing that shows some kind of tragedy occurred once:

    20. This trade-off from a customer who decided not to juice those pomegranates themself:

    Twitter: @dracoape

    21. And finally, Jamie: