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17 Gift Ideas If You Know Somebody Who Loves Football But You Don't

Be the MVP of the holiday season.

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4. A shirt that's perfect for the poor sport in your life.

There's always that one player on the other team. Available in men's and women's sizes, and in three colors: black, white, and grey.

Get them from MadeToOrderShirts on Etsy starting at $21.99.


13. A print and frame featuring blueprints and history of your favorite team's stadium.

Comes in multiple sizes and your choice of 16 different NFL teams. The seller also offers downloadable files that you can get printed and framed yourself, if you prefer.

Get it from GeeksterPrints on Etsy starting at $99.

14. A mirrored display case to hold a signed football.

If you're ready to put in some effort, sometimes current and former players hold events, where you can get something signed. Then you can stick it in here for safe-keeping.

Get it from PerfectCases on Etsy for $59.95.


17. A subscription to NFL Game Pass, for replaying every game of the season.

While you'll need something like NFL Sunday Ticket to stream games live, the NFL Game Pass allows you to watch all the games that have already aired (going all the way back to 2009), in case you missed them or they weren't available in your area. It'll also condense the games down to about 45 minutes if you want to cut out all the down time.

Get a subscription through July 2017 for $74.99.

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