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21 People Who Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

The internet is a magical place where anyone can be completely, confidently, hilariously, one hundred percent wrong.

1. "Learn biology," he says.

"uh women do have testosterone."

2. Always a great idea to argue with a doctor.

"that's actually false."

3. Do people just...not understand what "per capita" means?

"That's...not correct"

4. When in doubt, pivot to purple.

Screenshot of a text conversation

5. "Late" can also include "13 minutes before it's due." Who knew!

Emails between a student and a professor

6. Gottem.

"There are no electrons in any atomic nucleus."

7. If you're going to argue that there's no sea level rise, don't post a graph showing that there is clearly a sea level rise.

Screenshot from a social media post

8. Let's just leave this one in the passed.

"Scroll passed this"

9. If bats are birds, and birds aren't real, then what does that say about Batman? Is HE not real?????

"Mammals don't fly"

10. They even said "you are" and still got it wrong.

"No it's your you are associated with the people I am addressing"

11. Imagine reading "vaccines are spreadable through sexual contact" and not only believing it, but tweeting about it.

Screenshot of tweets

12. Idioms can be hard, but "bull in a china shop" is pretttttty evocative of what it means.

Screenshot from a social media post

13. Ah yes, the famously politically conservative band Rage Against the Machine.

"Was my favorite band forever now just a bunch of Democrat Socialist sellouts"

14. I don't know what they thought the question was.

"No words starts with 'O' and ends with 'O'"

15. If he was this wildly off, what was he expecting to learn by getting the actual size?


16. Imagine being this condescending, and also this wrong.

"On today's episode of 'people correcting other people incorrectly"

17. I love a good cholera casserole.

"My friend's ex-boyfriend insisted that cholera was a vegetable that he'd eaten before."

18. "Port o' Rico" and "Spania" are giving me ulcers.

Screenshot from Tumblr

19. Don't touch the fidget stick.

"I drive a manual"

20. New year, new math!

"Were living in 2020 while she's living in 20002000"

21. And finally... sigh.

"Sure thing buddy"

H/T to r/confidentlyincorrect