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    23 Screenshots Of People Being Wrong, Wrong, Wrong In 2022

    I can't tell if these incorrect correctors should spend more time on the internet, or less.

    1. Ah yes, I believe the rat lives in the beautiful city of Pair-wa.

    Recently overheard a couple on a date talking about favorite movies. The guy confidently said he loved "Rata-Twa." She responded she had never seen it. He went on to describe it: Rat controls chef, makes great food. "Ratatouille?" she asked "It's actually pronounced Rata-Twa."

    Twitter: @ashlied_stevens

    2. Speaking of getting things wrong about the French...

    "America literally defeated you in the Revolutionary War. Delete this"

    3. I've got it! Just rotate that A clockwise and it'll look like a D!

    Someone saying the D is missing from "Happy Birthday"

    4. May this person's poor daughter attend college quickly.

    "The array generates enough electricity to power our campus and return unused power to the grid! Hope that helps."

    5. Pretty bold of a political Facebook meme to end in "fact-check it."

    "You are fake news."

    6. In fact, there are, and sometimes, they're capitalized!

    "There are no pronouns in the Bible."

    7. Remember when your teachers at school would make a big deal out of reading the entire question CAREFULLY on a test before starting to answer?


    8. There is no war in Ba Sing Se, and there are no lesbians in China.

    9. Were you also raised chemical and vaccine free? No reason, just wondering.

    Your IQ is in the top 90.88%..."

    10. If your post starts with "I can't find a source, but," you might just want to stop there.

    a person saying that men can carry a woman's eggs after having sex to another woman if he doesn't shower in between. it's the same as medical egg donors, they say

    11. I hope that person isn't a math teacher.

    someone saying that if one million users paid $8 that would equal one billion and thinking they were smart by also adding, "but I know math is hard"

    12. Yeah, I can't believe you're "explaining" it to her either.

    someone telling AOC that Puerto Ricans are not American citizens and they can't believe they have to explain that to a congresswoman

    13. Oopsies.

    persone one: hey there person two: tries to correct the use of their and adds that they must go to UOttawa person one: definitely used the right one, you must go to Carleton person two: yup, that backfired

    14. Again with the math. Do people know that there's a calculator app on their phone?

    someone thinking 1/3 burger was smaller than 1/4 burger

    15. The absolute confidence it takes to essentially say "I disagree with math."

    someone showing their work for a math problem and someone responds with, "well, i'm not sure if i agree but ok"

    16. "I watched a historical documentary on this subject. The songs slapped."

    "today a man told me, in all earnest, that i obviously wasn't very good at my classical studies degree because zeus only had one son, hercules, his source was the disney movie"

    17. Narrator: "South Africa is indeed a country, and Canada is not a continent."

    "elon is from south africa" and someone responds, "that is a continent, not a country, that's like saying you're from east canada"

    18. That's... just...VERY wrong.

    someone saying that Spain is not European because it's in South America

    19. The way the bot — blissfully ignorant of the futility — tries to correct them again at the bottom just kills me.

    "Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake."

    20. One hundred pennies is a dollar. One thousand pennies is 10 dollars. So, 13,000 pennies is...

    "This person used 13,000 pennies to create this peng floor"

    21. As it turns out, there are other countries in the world! And sometimes — get this — they spell things differently.

    "It's 'realize'"

    22. It's actually not easy! In fact, it can even be very dangerous!

    "It's so easy for men to look like this."

    23. Anyway, I'll leave you with this one, which...I don't even understand what they were thinking.

    "i'm gonna need you to think really hard about this"

    H/T r/confidentlyincorrect and r/facepalm