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18 People Who Might Have Lied For Internet Clout, So They're Getting Called Out

*Side-eyes all these posts*

Ever heard of an "untrustworthy Pop-Tart"? Basically, it's a person who may or may not have faked a photo for internet clout. Redditors coined the phrase after seeing this post, which might be real...or the OP may have just opened another pack of Pop-Tarts and put a third one in here:

Here are 17 more untrustworthy Pop-Tarts to watch out for:

1. The person who definitely didn't just pour out each can's contents and switch 'em:

2. The person who at least could've tried to hide the torn plastic:

3. The person who couldn't possibly have ordered nuggets on the side:

4. The person whose friend totally works at a dealership and didn't just take these pics themself:

5. The person who ran really fast, promise:

6. The person whose belt was so badass that they scared off a guy with a simple "glaze":

7. The person who was insulted by a pizzeria...or just taped a $5 bill to a box:

8. The ink prank that totally wasn't staged (except you can see the mess from previous takes):

9. The person who didn't even move the food off the assembly line to take a pic:

10. The person who just had the cutest oopsie:

11. The person who definitely didn't order these mugs specifically for this photo:

12. The person whose toddler is out here making omelets and grilling cherry tomatoes:

13. The person who still wrote May:

14. The person who was just casually recording a movie, as one does:

15. The person who didn't want to show us the front of the very rare card, probably because our hearts couldn't take it:

16. The person who maybe should've removed the "heavy" sticker to make this more believable:

17. And finally, the person who did not, under any circumstances, simply order four mac 'n' cheeses:

H/T: r/untrustworthypoptarts.