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    19 Missed Opportunities That Made Me Yell "It Was Right There!!"

    "ConspiraSEA was right there!!!"

    1. Folks, we have a serious problem.

    Come on!!! Conspirasea was RIGHT THERE!!!

    Twitter: @joshgondelman

    2. People are missing obvious opportunities.

    I’m just mad they aren’t calling it Peepsi

    Twitter: @kennykeil / Via PepsiCo

    3. For puns, mostly.

    Shoulda been called "Tomayo", just saying from MissedOpportunity

    4. Like, why on God's green earth wouldn't you say "sneize this moment" here?

    Sneize This Moment from MissedOpportunity

    5. And, like, this one was RIGHT. THERE.

    To not call this product “Scrubber-Ducky” from MissedOpportunity

    6. *Rubs temples in frustration*

    Twitter: @BloodyPopcorn

    7. WHY?

    Agency: So we're thinking either Pringle Bells, Kris Pringle, or Pringles all the Way? Client: Nah I've got a better idea. Client:

    Twitter: @zachmander

    8. A simple change would've made this one perfect.

    Coulda been Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers come on Walmart from MissedOpportunity

    9. Like, did they even look at the shapes?

    The louisiana being the O and not the L from mildlyinfuriating

    10. We were ~this close~ to greatness!

    Should have been "corn on the hog" from MissedOpportunity

    11. I'm gonna need to drink some anxietea after seeing this.

    My Anxietea from MissedOpportunity

    12. Honestly, even Mono-poké would've worked.

    Good news, all the people responsible for this not being called POKEMONOPOLY are now in jail.

    Twitter: @KenJennings

    13. Listen, I get it. People make mistakes.

    Cauli-flour missed opportunity from MissedOpportunity

    14. But...

    WHY didn’t they call it a birkenSOCK???? ⁦@BIRKENSTOCKUSA⁩ #missedopportunities

    Twitter: @shreetheb

    15. C'mon, man.

    The missed opportunity here is painful. They should’ve called them “Happy AcciMINTS.” Com’on, it was RIGHT THERE.

    Twitter: @EmmaCarelli

    16. It's not always puns, either. Like, why is Two-Face on the joker card?

    Seems like a missed opportunity... from funny

    17. A little plumbing change would've made this another hidden Mickey.

    Saw this missed opportunity at Disneyland... from funny

    18. I'm just baffled at the lack of Hulk.

    What’s green avenger called again? from MissedOpportunity


    Such a missed opportunity. How could you possibly not call it Green Eggs and HAMburgers? from funny

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