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21 People Who Got Called Out Because Their Stories Seem Pretty Sus

I'm not saying I know they were lying...I'm just saying I have doubts.

My favorite internet term I learned this year is "untrustworthy Pop-Tart." Redditors came up with this term to describe someone who is almost definitely lying just to get some internet clout. For example, this person could have just opened two packages and put an extra Pop-Tart in here, then snapped the pic:

So here are some of the most untrustworthy Pop-Tarts of 2021:

1. The person who could somehow pour milk into a bowl without missing, but couldn't see what was on a cardboard box:

2. The person who tried to act like this carrot came in this bag:

3. The person who thought of a funny pun and almost definitely just did this themselves:

4. The person who almost definitely just ate the beans:

5. The person who definitely did not just remove the letters themself:

6. The member of congress who absolutely stumbled across this completely by happenstance:

7. The person who ran really fast, promise:

8. The person whose belt was so badass that they scared off a guy with a simple "glaze":

9. The person who was insulted by a pizzeria...or just taped a $5 bill to a box:

10. The person who didn't even move the food off the assembly line to take a pic:

11. The person who just had the cutest oopsie:

12. The person who definitely didn't order these mugs specifically for this photo:

13. The person who totally changed a person's entire sexuality with one (completely nonsensical) sentence:

14. The person who still wrote May:

15. The person who didn't want to show us the front of the very rare card, probably because our hearts couldn't take it:

16. The person who did not, under any circumstances, simply order four mac 'n' cheeses:

17. The person who was too swole for the vaccine, y'all:

18. The person whose arguments are SO GOOD that they swayed a voter, just like that:

19. The person whose 18-month-old has a great vocabulary and understands complex political and economic constructs:

20. The person who got a promotion for being an asshole to a co-worker, and then everyone clapped. Congratulations!:

21. And finally, the person who self-administered their vaccine...uh huh:

H/T: r/untrustworthypoptarts.

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