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17 People Who Made Big, Big Mistakes On Social Media

Always think twice before posting.

1. The person who forgot to do a little cropping:

2. The person who completely made up a DM from Seth Rogen and got called out by...Seth Rogen.

3. The guy who should've moved the mirror:

4. The sibling who caught her sister in a bit of social media exaggeration:

5. Wendy's, who forgot an important detail:

6. The person who TRIED to call out Lil Nas X but ended up calling themselves out:

7. The person who pretended to have watched a segment that never existed:

A tweet from The Onion joking about Tucker Carlson screaming at a "child bride" on his show, followed by a tweet from a supporter saying "she was acting like an asshole, children should be seen and not heard"

8. The person who got called out by Captain America himself:

Fake. Sorry. https://t.co/jRjOXaZAqQ

9. The person who forgot about, y'know, science:

A tweet saying that it was a miracle that the altar and cross survived the Notre Dame fire, with a response saying that it's because the melting point of gold is 1064 degrees celsius while wood burns at 600 degrees

10. The person who definitely, absolutely did not have a cat:

A listing for a couch for sale that says "no pets" but there's a cat sitting on the couch in the photo

11. The person who needed to try out for the Olympic team, STAT:

12. The person whose 3-year-old was apparently very profound:

13. Just generally, don't use your 3-year-old for internet points:

A facebook post about how a 3-year-old said "I don't believe in Santa I believe in God and through him all things are possible" followed by a tweet saying "my mother is lying on Facebook, my nephew speaks in Power Ranger quotes"

14. The Russian posting disinformation who forgot about location services:

Russian bots were posting pro-Trump tweets until one of them accidentally posted its location in Russia AND GOT CAUGHT.

15. The person who called a comic based on an actual group of friends "impossibly multicultural":

16. The US Representative who got a history lesson:

@RepThomasMassie Oh I love history. A lesser known fact: George Washington's bold decision to vaccinate the entire Continental Army against smallpox. It was the first mass inoculation in military history, and was vital to ensuring an American victory in the War of Independence.

17. And finally, the student who at least gets an A in Creative Fiction:

A Facebook post from a student claiming they got thrown out of class for correcting their art professor and the whole class followed them, but a comment from a fellow student says the student didn't even show up for the lecture.