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"Please Stop With This Narrative": 30 People Who Got Called Out On Social Media For Bending The Truth

Always think twice before posting.

1. Either the coffee shop staff got their celebrities mixed up or someone completely made up this story:

A tweet saying that the staff at an Atlanta coffee shop was flustered because Ryan Reynolds had just been there, but Ryan Reynolds responded saying he wasn't in Atlanta

2. Here's Kanye West pretending that he doesn't have access to his children, with Kim Kardashian immediately calling him out:

An Instagram caption from Kanye West complaining about how he's only rarely "allowed" to see his daughter North but Kim responds by saying he was just there this morning picking up the kids for school

3. This girl caught her sister in a bit of Instagram trickery and decided to tell the world about it:

carly_sos / Via Twitter: @carlysos3
An Instagram post of a young woman posing with a water bottle among some trees
Casey and Carly Sosnowski / Via Instagram: @caseyrsos
A view of the same woman's photoshoot from further away, revealing she's just in her backyard
Carly Sosnowski / Via Twitter: @carlysos3

(Maybe they planned this, but I still think it's hilarious. Follow Casey on Insta and TikTokย and Carly on Insta.)

4. Here's a hot tip: Hide your info if you're going to pretend to be an epidemiologist in order to spread vaccine misinformation:

5. Ooh! Another hot tip: Don't argue about genetics with an actual geneticist, especially if you're being ignorantly anti-trans:

A person on Facebook arguing about chromosomes and gender with a man who reveals himself to be the president of the International Genetics Federation

6. The person who completely made up a DM from Seth Rogen and got called out by...Seth Rogen.

@KennedyJonesTHO No you didnโ€™t.

7. And then Seth Rogen struck again when someone tried to tell him to read an article...about himself...

A tweet from Seth Rogen bashing an article as being inaccurate, a response telling him to read the article and show some respect, and Rogen responding "it's an article about me, dumbass"

8. This person just straight-up lied about working at the World Trade Center around 9/11:

A Reddit user claiming they worked at the World Trade Center but didn't go into work on 9/11 because of his daughter's birthday party, but commenters reveal his post history says he's only 19 years old
u/deleted / Via

9. Something tells me this hacker miiiiiiiight be lying:

A text conversation where a hacker says they'll destroy the person's phone, but the person just asks what OS they're using and the hacker can't answer

10. If you're going to lie about being a Marine, at least take the time to research the requirements:

A post from a person saying they never got vaccinated and never got sick, and it didn't stop them from becoming a Marine, but a commenter points out that the US military requires you to get every single vaccine
u/deleted / Via

11. To be fair, maybe this person just wanted kudos for graduating 19 years ago:

12. It's always the people trying to sound like medical experts who get basic medical facts wrong:

13. You always gotta watch out on Tinder:

A Tinder conversation where the person calls out the match for being a catfish and they get defensive, but then the person says they reverse image searched their pics and they're from an Instagram model
u/Catastray / Via

14. If you're posting about a couch that you claim was from a pet-free home, maybe put Princess Fluffybutt in another room:

A listing for a couch for sale that says "no pets" but there's a cat sitting on the couch in the photo

15. Heck, even the famed Wendy's Twitter account gets called out sometimes:

.@Wendys Ok Wendy Thomas... ๐Ÿ˜

16. Amazing how this person managed to watch a segment that never existed:

A tweet from The Onion joking about Tucker Carlson screaming at a "child bride" on his show, followed by a tweet from a supporter saying "she was acting like an asshole, children should be seen and not heard"

17. You can always count on science to debunk a bunch of bunk:

A tweet saying that it was a miracle that the altar and cross survived the Notre Dame fire, with a response saying that it's because the melting point of gold is 1064 degrees celsius while wood burns at 600 degrees
Dan Broadbent / Via Twitter: @aSciEnthusiast

18. Someone get this guy on the Olympic team! Quick!

A Facebook user claiming they ran a 5K in 10 minutes but a friend responds saying "the world record is 12 minutes"

19. If a 3-year-old started talking like this instead of just quoting Paw Patrol, I'm pretty sure I'd assume they were possessed:

A tweet claiming their 3-year-old son said that everyone dies, but books and words don't die, and another Twitter user responding "oh fuck off Rebecca he did not say that"

20. If you're going to claim someone sent you a pic from their work, do a little cropping first:

21. Love it when US Representatives get history lessons:

@RepThomasMassie Oh I love history. A lesser known fact: George Washington's bold decision to vaccinate the entire Continental Army against smallpox. It was the first mass inoculation in military history, and was vital to ensuring an American victory in the War of Independence.

22. It's best not to tell a "that happened" story about your teacher when you didn't even show up for class:

A Facebook post from a student claiming they got thrown out of class for correcting their art professor and the whole class followed them, but a comment from a fellow student says the student didn't even show up for the lecture.

23. You can always count on your coworkers to keep you humble:

Adrian we make 7.75 at jimmy johns lol

Twitter: @ethanissavage
A tweet saying "the more money I made, the faker they got" with a reply saying "Adrian we make $7.75 at Jimmy Johns"

24. And your friends, too:

A Facebook post about how the poster has become a vegan and they're very proud of it, but one of their friends in the comments says "you got your Chipotle bowl today half chicken half steak lol"

25. Got him:

A tweet from a man aimed at a Muslim woman admonishing her because her hair is showing, and she responds with a tweet saying "your last two RTs are about boobs"

26. Just admit it, we're all friends here:

27. This...didn't take a lot of sleuthing, to be honest:

A Facebook post selling a pair of sunglasses that the poster claims are never worn, but a commenter says "you're wearing them in your profile pic" (and he totally is)

28. It takes a special kind of internet lying to get called out by your own mother:

A Reddit post where the OP claims his wife manages his Tinder to get him laid so she doesn't have to have sex with him, but the first comment is from the same account and it says that it's from the OP's mom and she says he's 16 and has a vivid imagination

29. Well, well, well, if it isn't a big ol' hypocrite:

A Facebook post from a user complaining about all the game invite notifications they're getting, but a friend posts a screenshot of the same user inviting them to play 8 Ball Pool over Facebook

30. And finally, a twist...a person calling out their own fake post in order to call out another person lying about the fake post and insisting it was real! Phew: