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    18 DIY Fixes That Are So Stupid They're Actually Genius

    They saw a problem and fixed it.

    1. The owner of this perfectly functional BMW.

    2. The person who improved the remote control.

    3. The person who found a way to cook in the hotel room.

    4. The person who made a brand-new, perfectly comfortable bike seat.

    5. The person who didn't need to buy a new headlight cover, thank you very much.

    6. The gamer who needed a little extra cooling.

    7. The person who didn't see the need for kitchen utensils when a toolbox would do just fine.

    8. The person who decided a trip to Lowe's for a new ceiling fan was a little too much effort.

    9. The person who made sure a broken clock is right way more than twice a day.

    10. The person who had a spare tire on hand.

    11. And a spare wheel.

    12. The person whose hot water was out.

    13. This avid reader.

    14. And the person whose shower head was gone.

    15. This snack food and car enthusiast.

    16. The person who happened to have a very large cart with parts to spare.

    17. This DIY fashionista.

    18. And the person who needed coffee NOW.