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    People Are Trying To Sum Up "Game Of Thrones" In Just One Tweet — And Kinda Succeeding

    Eight seasons, in just one 280-character tweet.

    Game of Thrones: Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people...don't watch it.


    For the benefit of those people, psychologist and author Dr. Amy Cuddy issued a challenge: Explain all of Game of Thrones in just one tweet.

    Can someone please explain the plot/story of the entire #GOT series in a single tweet?

    People stepped up, and some of the attempts were pretty good. Many went with a general description of major themes:

    People with powerful ambition and poor impulse control explore the intersection of lust, greed, and fear. Lives and reputations were lost, painful wisdom was gained, and if you were really lucky, your favs just might end up back where they started. @bullypulpit_hq

    Like this:

    @amyjccuddy Monarchies place emphasis on lineage for succession, so surprises happen when birth provenance is uncertain. Even existential threats are insufficient to unify everyone. Good speeches can get people to do bad things. Power corrupts. Dragons aren't a good system of government.

    While some tried to narrow it down to a fundamental moral lesson. Personally, I like this one a lot:

    The worst leaders believe they are good and right. The best know they are flawed and despite having imperfections visible to everyone, they persist.

    Others tried to sum up the actual plot as quickly as possible (while inserting a bit of social commentary):

    Doomed love and incest leads to multi generation conflict for power across seven kingdoms, starts/ends with mad rulers burning down people, and finally, the least interested guy becomes king in a pseudo show of democracy where only whites vote. Oh, and zombies.

    Honestly, William Shatner did a pretty good job of that:

    Craycray incestuous family rules 7 kingdoms. Baddies from the north invade so most put away their differences to fight together. After winning they go after the craycray Queen who didn’t help them fight and everything ends up in a hot mess and a big disappointment. The end.😘

    And then of course there were the people who took the pithy, tongue-in-cheek route:

    @amyjccuddy Fantasy take on the history of British Monarchy.

    Like this one:

    Or this one:

    @amyjccuddy A king failed to enact strict regulations regarding the ownership of exotic pets.

    Relating it to other literary works is a good route:

    "Shakespeare, but with zombies, dragons, and an odd fixation with castration."

    Or other movies/TV show adaptations, for that matter:

    Written by a computer programmed with the scripts of Dynasty, Lord Of The Rings and Jurassic Park

    There are some descriptions that will ONLY make sense to fans:

    @amyjccuddy I boy is thrown out a window, turns into a bird then lands on a throne.

    Or maybe, with that "love is the death of duty" line, this makes it all make sense:

    @amyjccuddy The things we do for love

    Check out the rest of the responses in Dr. Cuddy's Twitter thread.

    How would YOU sum up Game of Thrones in one tweet, 280 characters or less? Let me know in the drop box below and your submission may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!

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