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    16 Gender-Neutral Greetings That Are As Useful As They Are Hilarious

    "What's up rat bastards" is the new "Hey y'all."

    How do you address a mixed-gender group of people? Most of the country says "you guys," but many wouldn't consider that to be gender-neutral.

    Well, comedian and writer Ellory Smith — along with the help of Twitter — may have come up with the perfect solution. Smith sent out a simple request this week: share your favorite gender-neutral greeting.

    Everybody drop your favorite gender neutral greeting mine is “what’s up rat bastards”

    Smith hosts a comedy show in LA called Funnilingus, which features female and non-binary performers.

    While Smith's suggestion of "What's up rat bastards" is incredible on its own, the other recommendations in the thread are equally amazing. For example, you can walk into any room like Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock:

    @ellorysmith @canadasandra Listen up fives, a ten is speaking

    You can establish dominance by calling everyone a coward:

    I'm always a fan of a good rhyme:

    @ellorysmith @daxlovesdoggos what it do buckaroo

    You can get a little lofty with it:

    Or you can straight-up sound like an alien:

    Remember, gender-neutral pronouns are good and useful!

    This one could be dicey, make sure Steve Rogers isn't anywhere nearby:

    You can pick out all the Game of Thrones nerds in the room right off the bat:

    @ellorysmith “hello my sweet summer children”

    You can throw it back to like, 1999:

    Or you can be real condescending:

    @ellorysmith "kiddos" is perfectly gender neutral and also just the right amount of condescending

    Everyone loves a good Spongebob reference:

    Good morning, Krusty Crew!

    Personal note, I would love to start every day being greeted as a "glitterkitten":

    Hey, glitterkittens!

    These two only work if you're greeting every person individually, but they will feel very important:

    @thisdiegolopez @ellorysmith common in my friendgroup is *firm handshake* “Doctor.”

    Never underestimate the power of communism:

    @ellorysmith @gothkelpie Comrades. Obviously.

    And there's always the disheveled Leslie Knope option:

    But no matter what you choose for a greeting, you MUST say this when you leave:

    @ellorysmith Not a greeting, but a farewell