People Are Sharing The Horniest Movie & TV Moments With No Sex, And I'm Sweating

    "Here is where every morsel, every crumb, every particle of feminism in my body evaporated..."

    Recently, TikToker jjksupremacy93 posted this video, in which they expressed...shall we say, "thirst" for My Hero Academia character Aizawa Shōta:

    In the vid, after a ~weirdly hot~ moment where Aizawa kicks a bunch of bad guys' asses, jjksupremacy93 says, "Here is where every morsel, every crumb, every particle of feminism in my body evaporated. Smash." The sound went viral, and other TikTokers started sharing the moments from TV and movies in which they found themselves thirsting for a character, despite their best efforts.

    1. Many of the moments were things that we definitely shouldn't find hot, tying in with the whole "feminism leaving my body" theme. Like, for example, the moment when Daemon defended Rhaenyra and her children from Vaemond's accusations in House of the Dragon:


    Oh my heart. Sorry had to exit out the good part because…TikTok would totally take it down. #FlexEveryAngle #daemontargaryen #hotd #houseofthedragon #fypシ #fyp

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    Daemon talking

    2. Or there's this scene from The Vampire Diaries where Daemon does the ol' push-against-the-locker move on Elena:

    Daemon pushing Elena against a locker

    3. There's the roguish Rick O'Connell picking Evie up and carrying her into the next room in The Mummy:

    Rick carrying Evie into the bedroom

    4. Slightly similar, this Connell and Marianne moment from Normal People, where he holds her back:

    Connell holding Marianne back

    5. Remember when Jon Snow almost lost it on Littlefinger on Game of Thrones and said he'd kill her if he touched Sansa? Yeah, me too:

    Jon Snow saying, "Touch my sister, and I'll kill you myself"

    6. And of course, more than one person brought up the "kneel" moment from Fleabag:

    Fleabag kneeling in confession and the priest opening the curtain

    7. Here's an underrated one... Dream finally giving that terrible author guy what he deserves in Sandman:

    Dream saying, "Hold your tongue"

    8. Others were more about outdated chivalry, like this subtle move in The Proposal where Ryan Reynolds's character gently moves Sandra Bullock's character so that he's walking between her and the street (which I had never noticed before!):

    Ryan Reynolds moving Sandra Bullock as she talks on the phone

    9. The "you are the bane of my existence" speech from Bridgerton, which is just...phew:


    AND THE OBJECT OF ALL MY DESIRES 😫 #fyp #bridgerton #viral

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    Anthony saying, "You are the bane of my existence and the object of all my desires"

    10. And the hand flex from Pride and Prejudice, of course:


    they absolutely knew what they were doing with this hand scene 🤭🫶🏻😌 #foryou #fyp #prideandprejudice #prideandprejudice2005 #janeausten

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    a man flexing his hand after touching a woman's

    11. However, as the sound continued to go viral, people just started sharing moments they found hot just because they're hot. Like Charlie Cox as Daredevil doin' this lil' elbow caress:


    LOOK AT HOW HE’S HOLDING HER ELBOW!!!!! (⚠️TIKTOK THIS IS ALL FAKE⚠️) daredevil mattmurdock charliecox marvelstudios mcu disneyplus daredevilbornagain

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    Charlie caressing a woman's elbow as she stitches him up

    12. Multiple people brought up this Carlisle moment, which...probably wasn't supposed to elicit this reaction, but you do you:

    Carlisle touching Bella

    13. There's this longing look from Omar Epps in Love and Basketball, one of the greats:

    Omar Epps looking longingly at a woman

    14. Trevante doing this steering wheel maneuver in Moonlight:

    Trevante driving a car and the comment "Please do Trevante Rhodes driving hte car with one hand in "Moonlight"

    15. Wesley's steamiest "as you wish" from The Princess Bride:

    Wesley saying, "As you wish"

    16. THAT kiss from New Girl. You know the one:


    fun fact i was actually zooey deschanel’s stunt double here #fyp #newgirl #nickmiller

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    Jess and Nick kissing

    17. Hmm, did we have Kate and Anthony on here already? Oh, we did? Well, here they are again. It's the caressing of the hair for me:


    To be praised like that.. How can Anthony Bridgerton be so IN LOVE and in control, when Kate Sharma so close in this scene. Kanthony living in my head since March 2022 @Shondaland @Netflix #kanthony #anthonybridgerton #katesharma #anthonyandkate #bridgertons #bridgertonedit #bridgertonseason2 #bridgertonscandal #netflix #bridgertonnetflix #shondaland #jonathanbailey #simoneashley #youarethebaneofmyexistence #kateandanthony #bridgertontiktok #bridgerton2 #Bridgerton

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    A man saying to a woman, "Driven to distraction every time you enter the room—it is insupportable"

    18. This was the scene that started a whole generation's worth of crushes on Chris Pine:


    It was at this moment 8 year old me fell in love with Chris Pine #EndlessJourney #fyp #chrispine #annehathaway #princessdiaries

    ♬ original sound - 🗑
    Chris Pine helping Anne Hathaway hold a bow and arrow