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This Guy's Embarrassing Moment Led To Other People Sharing Theirs, And It's Hilarious

"Every birthday, someone says 'happy birthday' to me and I say, 'You too.'"

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Listen. We've all had those embarrassing moments when you feel like you belong in the Shame Cube.

Artist and Twitter user @MooseAllain reminded us of those moments when he shared this one of his own:

Accidentally said "Many thank you" to a woman in a shop.

That got people sharing their own embarrassing moments, like saying "you too" at the wrong time.

@MooseAllain every birthday. Someone says "happy birthday" to me and I answer "you too".

Or not knowing what to do at Catholic services.

@MooseAllain Went to a Catholic christening. Person shook my hand saying 'peace be with you'. I replied 'pleased to…

Sometimes, it's just a brain fart.

@MooseAllain On one occasion when spelling out my surname over the phone I began with "M for millipede..." I then p…

Or sometimes you actually say "fart." At a funeral.

@JohnConaway @MrsShib @ClareDelders @MatthewPerren @clelland56 @MooseAllain @aidanmcnelis @lucyinglis Upthread I po…

Or there's just a simple misunderstanding.

@MooseAllain Woman serving in a cafe said “Sorry about your weight.” I said “Well I am trying to lose a few pound…

Ever tried to say one word while reading another word, and you kinda mash the two together? Yep.

@MooseAllain Worked at a local paper with different titles, so standard way of answering the phone was "hello, news…

Moral of the story: We've all said something embarrassing, so if you think you haven't, sut down and shit up.

@MooseAllain A Headmistress friend of my mum once said in assembly "Sut down and shit up" x

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