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    Updated on Jan 3, 2019. Posted on Nov 11, 2017

    This Guy's Embarrassing Moment Led To Other People Sharing Theirs, And It's Hilarious

    "Every birthday, someone says 'happy birthday' to me and I say, 'You too.'"

    Listen. We've all had those embarrassing moments when you feel like you belong in the Shame Cube.

    Artist and Twitter user @MooseAllain reminded us of those moments when he shared this one of his own:

    Accidentally said "Many thank you" to a woman in a shop.

    That got people sharing their own embarrassing moments, like saying "you too" at the wrong time.

    @MooseAllain every birthday. Someone says "happy birthday" to me and I answer "you too".

    Or not knowing what to do at Catholic services.

    @MooseAllain Went to a Catholic christening. Person shook my hand saying 'peace be with you'. I replied 'pleased to…

    Sometimes, it's just a brain fart.

    @MooseAllain On one occasion when spelling out my surname over the phone I began with "M for millipede..." I then p…

    Or sometimes you actually say "fart." At a funeral.

    @JohnConaway @MrsShib @ClareDelders @MatthewPerren @clelland56 @MooseAllain @aidanmcnelis @lucyinglis Upthread I po…

    Or there's just a simple misunderstanding.

    @MooseAllain Woman serving in a cafe said “Sorry about your weight.” I said “Well I am trying to lose a few pound…

    Ever tried to say one word while reading another word, and you kinda mash the two together? Yep.

    @MooseAllain Worked at a local paper with different titles, so standard way of answering the phone was "hello, news…

    Moral of the story: We've all said something embarrassing, so if you think you haven't, sut down and shit up.

    @MooseAllain A Headmistress friend of my mum once said in assembly "Sut down and shit up" x

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