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    People Are Saying They Wanna Fuck Venom Now, So Forget About Pennywise

    "Venom, what that tongue do?"

    Hi guys. Yesterday, the second trailer for Venom dropped, giving us our first look at the classic Spider-Man villain's face.

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    As you can see, Venom's face is COMPLETELY TERRIFYING.

    So naturally, people wanna fuck him.

    hey i'm sorry everyone but i'm going to definitely fuck Venom

    venom is hot but like, hes a bad boy type, hes the type you dont bring home to your parents. thats when youre purely monsterfucking and thats it. you dont settle down with venom.

    2018 is great I can just come out here and scream "I would fuck Venom" from the rooftops and I'd get positive feedback and murmurs and nods of agreement from the crowd like sort of modern-day prophet.

    Tumblr is all over it.

    The only good thing about the "Venom" trailer is how Tumblr is reacting to it

    It's the tongue, apparently.

    everyone wants to fuck venom bc w a tongue like that u know he will eat u out right

    Wanting to have sex with movie monsters is a time-honored tradition dating all the way back to the Year of Our Lord 2017, when people wanted to fuck Pennywise from IT and the fish man from The Shape of Water.

    This is all bringing up a very important debate: Which one is the least shameful?

    people who want to the fishman from The Shape of Water to raw them? VALID those who wanna fuck Venom? SO VALID. all those who wanted to fuck pennywise the clown.....validation DENIED

    I mean, yes, Venom is played by Tom Hardy, but come on, people.

    So... Fuck/Marry/Kill — Venom/Fish Man/Pennywise?

    Anyway, y'all need Jesus. Goodnight.