There Are 16 Circles In This Image But Most People Only See Squares

    Can you see them?

    QUICK: Can you find the 16 circles that are hidden in this image?

    Yep, they're really in there.

    Confused? Only seeing boxes? Here's a look at the circles up close:

    If that doesn't help, here's the answer with some helpful red circles:

    You can see them now, right?

    This little visual trick, which has been all over the internet this week, is a variation of the Coffer Illusion, a top 10 finalist in an optical illusion competition from back in 2006.

    While most people see just boxes at first, it can be tough to "unsee" the circles once you see them.

    @Rainmaker1973 That is mad. I can't Unsee it now

    It's like The Dress all over again.