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Twitter Is Debating About Eleven Vs. Matilda And Mara Wilson Responded

The Battle of the Badasses. The Tussle of the Telekinetics.

Perhaps you know Matilda, a girl from a Roald Dahl novel who develops telekinetic powers.

And perhaps you also know Eleven, the girl from Stranger Things who also develops telekinetic powers.

So naturally, Twitter asked the obvious question: Who would win if they went head to head?

Some people claimed Eleven would win. After all, she killed a Demogorgon.

@_djrocklee Eleven. Hands down. Matilda flipped book pages. Eleven flipped vans AND moved a train. She Would've had…

But many others, including journalist CiCi Adams, said that Matilda has much more control and finesse with her powers.

Folks are really saying Eleven would win and I am perplexed. She had training and still could barely wiggle a truck…

But the REAL answer is that they would team up, because that's what Mara Wilson herself supports.

Wilson played Matilda in the live-action film adaptation in the '90s.

She claims the two would become friends, because why would they fight in the first place?

Matilda and Eleven would choose not to fight, and would instead become friends.

(Oh, and she'd also like to know that you can stop asking her, thanks.)

Pinning this because even though I have weighed in on this before, I have been asked about this at least five times this week!

Millie Bobby Brown hasn't weighed in quite yet, but it's a good bet that she'll support this idea as well.


Mara Wilson tweeted out more support of Eleven and Matilda's likely friendship, and her tweets have been added to this post.