Mandy Moore Drops Some Truth-Bombs About Marriage In This "This Is Us" Season 2 Clip

    Just in case you felt like sobbing today.

    How's your day going? Have you sobbed uncontrollably yet? No? Well, this clip from This Is Us Season 2 will fix that.

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    The clip starts with Randall and Rebecca talking about the day Randall was adopted...and Randall doesn't quite believe the "we just knew" narrative.

    So Rebecca takes us back to the day they first saw Randall...

    ...And tells Randall the truth about how she didn't know right away that she wanted him, even though Jack was so sure.

    Then she drops some serious truth-bombs about marriage.


    This Is Us Season 2 premieres Sept. 26th at 9 p.m. on NBC. I'll be over here crying until then.