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Ned Stark's Last Words Might Reveal A Secret About Jon Snow

Can you help us figure out what Eddard Stark whispers in "Baelor"? SPOILERS through the end of Season 5!

Have you rewatched the first season of Game of Thrones recently?


Remember when the Starks hadn't had every dream and hope dashed to pieces? Look at them. Look at those darling faces.

It takes you back to a time when we still thought that things like this might actually happen.


Things obviously didn't work out so well for Ned Stark, so we never learned who Jon Snow's mother is. Of course, there are plenty of fan theories about that topic, and it seems as though we might get an answer next season.

Let's all take a trip back to this moment, though.


Also known as the worst thing to happen ever in the history of television.

If you look and listen closely, Ned Stark whispers something to himself right before that sword comes down.


What could it be?!

You can hear the audio in this clip, right around the 04:30 mark.

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The audio echoes a bit and is tough to make out, which has led to some debate over what exactly Ned says. We have some theories.

Option 1


It sounds a little like Ned says "promise" in there, doesn't it? That would be exciting since it would fit in perfectly with the R+L=J theory, which explains that Jon Snow's mother was actually Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister, and that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen.

As the story goes, Ned returned from Robert Baratheon's rebellion with Jon Snow, claiming the boy was his. The theory states that Ned only pretended Jon was his bastard, likely at Lyanna's dying request, in order to protect him. That would have been Ned's "promise" that he kept until his dying day.

Option 2


It's more likely (but much less exciting) that Ned is simply saying "Valar Morghulis," the phrase that you often hear characters spouting on Game of Thrones. It means "All Men Must Die," which would make sense for Ned to say right before he was executed.

Before you ask, the answer is no, this probably doesn't mean that Ned was a Faceless Man and is possibly still out there. Your spirit is admirable, though.

Option 3


It almost sounds like the word "Oreos" is in there. Maybe Eddard was just hungry and craving some delicious cookies for his last meal?

  1. What were Ned Stark's actual last words?

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What were Ned Stark's actual last words?
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    "I kept my promise."
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    "Valar Morghulis."
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    "I want some Oreos."
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