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People Are Naming "The Most American Thing" They Can Think Of And It's Both Funny And Sad

Cheese that comes in a spray can: extremely American.

Recently, Redditor p_p_pearl asked the r/AskReddit community a simple question: "What is the most American thing?"


Below are some of the best responses from that thread and a few others on the same topic that highlight how the rest of the world sees us, and how we see ourselves:

1. This specific combo:

"I went to Texas once and saw a sign that said 'Church and Gun Range Parking Only.'"


2. This assumption, particularly online:

"Assuming everyone else is American."


3. Overzealous arms manufacturing:

"The A-10 Warthog. Someone said 'I want this gun to fly, build a plane around it.'"


An A-10 Warthog which has a massive minigun mounted on the nose
Chris Hondros / Getty Images

4. Just...yeah:

"Bone-crushing debt."


5. Superstores in general, but especially these:

"A McDonald's inside a Walmart with standalone restaurant just outside the parking lot."


6. The way we write dates:



7. This particular delusion:

"The feeling that somehow, some way, at some time you will miraculously become rich. And not having any sort of contingency plan."



8. Those frickin' gaps:

"Toilet stalls that don’t go all the way to the ceiling or floor and have a gap in between the stalls."


9. A national superiority complex:

"Thinking the US is the only free country in the world."


10. Country-style simple pleasures:

"Eating hot dogs and drinking shitty beer in the back of a pickup truck that's been filled with water as a makeshift pool."


A product from "Shark Tank" that converts pickup truck beds into pools

11. This one restaurant in particular:

"Heart Attack Grill on the strip in Las Vegas. You get a hospital gown when you enter, waiters are dressed as nurses, and they serve giant burgers called Bypass Burgers. They go from single to sextuple bypass, meaning one to six patties on the burger. Also, you get free burgers if you weigh more than 350 pounds."


12. Our drinking age:

"I remember explaining to an Italian friend that in the US we can vote and own a gun and fight in a war at 18, but can’t buy a beer, and he was completely at a loss for words."


13. Neon orange foods:

"Spray-on cheese."



14. Drug company commercials:

"Adverts for medication. You've got happy people and stuff in the ad and then: 'It may cause death.'"


15. Sales tax surprises:

"When purchasing an item, the listed price is actually NOT the amount you’ll have to pay at will be more."


16. Fried...everything:



A country fried steak smothered in gravy
Bhofack2 / Getty Images

17. School spirit:

"When I was in Tennessee as an exchange student for a year, I was surprised by the team spirit of each high school. Like how there was a football game every Friday night and almost all of the school was there to cheer them on. That would never happen in my country."


18. College sports:

"As a Brit, what shocked me was learning about just how huge your COLLEGE SPORTS games are. A university/college football (soccer) team game here might draw a crowd of a few hundred; a friend who went to the University of Texas told me their (American) football stadium seats 100,000. What the actual fuck."


19. The greatest sandwich combo of all time:

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apparently. I'm American, but I recently learned that much of the world finds PB&J to be an odd combination."


20. Big Gulps:

"I'm still weirded out about refills and sizes of drinks specific to soda."



21. Hospital ads:

"Hospitals buying ad space on billboards. I’ve never left the country, but we must be the only country that has hospitals advertising like Burger King."


22. This conundrum:

"The age-old question: Are those firecrackers or gunshots?"


23. Extreme patriotism 24/7:

"Playing the national anthem at almost every event."


24. And finally...



Are you proud of these super American things? Do you want some of them to change? Either way, make sure you register to vote in the upcoming US election. Do it now, deadlines are approaching fast! Check out And Still I Vote for registration help and voter resources.

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