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    Aug 22, 2017

    Prep Some Snacks, Because "Beauty And The Beast" Is Coming To Netflix Next Month

    September 2017 just got a little more magical.

    Hey, you know how the live-action Beauty and the Beast was totally magical and visually stunning?


    Well, GUESS WHAT: Beauty and the Beast is coming to Netflix NEXT MONTH!

    Disney / Netflix

    BuzzFeed confirmed the news with Edelman Communications.

    The movie is hitting Netflix so soon after it left theaters thanks to the streaming deal between Netflix and Disney.


    The two companies struck a deal last year to bring new releases of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar films exclusively to Netflix.

    But make sure you get your viewing in soon: Disney announced their own streaming service, so the days of Disney movies on Netflix are numbered.


    Don't worry though: Disney films will stay on Netflix through the end of 2019. So, that's enough time to watch Beauty and the Beast roughly 10,000 times, if it stays on Netflix for the duration.

    The movie hits Netflix on Sept. 19th, and a full list of next month's Netflix releases will be announced on Aug. 23rd.


    So we'll see what other wonders Netflix has in store for us in the coming weeks!

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