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    Here Are More Funny "Bridgerton" Tweets Now That 63 Million Households Have Watched

    Wait, there are THREE Bridgerton brothers?

    According to Netflix, Bridgerton has been watched by 63 million households. Chances are, you might be one of those 63 million who watched it for the plot.


    ☝️ (The plot.)

    Since the show has been out for a couple weeks now, here's a new batch of funny Bridgerton tweets! And, of course, there are some light SPOILERS ahead!


    gay one, side burns, The Hair ™️

    Twitter: @davidmackau


    spent the first day of the new year watching bridgerton start to finish, what's really stuck with me is the montage of multiple sex scenes (to an orchestral taylor swift arrangement) explicitly and repeatedly demonstrating the pull-out method

    Twitter: @pllcy


    When Lady Featherington found out Marina was preggers in #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @bodycourage


    Every person on Bridgerton has the perfect name for a Pomeranian puppy

    Twitter: @jilltwiss


    Me watching Episode6 of Bridgerton with my parents 😬😬 #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @court_court55


    Man and woman in a period piece: meet The rest of the cast and me watching from my couch: #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @corgarushi


    Twitter: @alexwideeyes


    It's always 'u up?' and never 'I burn for you' smh #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @cerebral_spice


    simon: you do touch yourself? me: #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @torilovesatp


    Simon: look into my eyes Me: #BRIDGERTON

    Twitter: @prodryasp


    Thanks to Enola Holmes and Bridgerton, I feel like the only thing I learned in 2020 was how to properly pronounce “Viscount”

    Twitter: @netflix


    I’m enjoying #Bridgerton a little too much

    Twitter: @a_lope


    episode six #Bridgerton the writers:

    Twitter: @clownscollide


    My one an only contribution to the greatness that is #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @jess_lynn6


    I feel like you should know I watched the entire season of Bridgerton today and I'm reading all of your tweets in their accent.

    Twitter: @AnneWheaton


    Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, King of strong pull out game, Protector of all WAPs, Breaker of backs and the Defender of self pleasure... long may he reign! #Bridgerton

    Twitter: @NolaMarianna


    Lockdown Day 1: discussing #Bridgerton with the daughter 😳

    Twitter: @heidistephens


    Twitter: @ahmedmunsiph


    There's two kinds of people in this world. Those who watched Bridgerton over break, and those who will watch it later this month. Resistance is futile.

    Twitter: @TVietor08

    Want more? Check out our other list of funny Bridgerton tweets, and be sure to give the folks on both lists a follow to make your timeline a funnier place!

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