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    Updated on Dec 27, 2019. Posted on Dec 27, 2019

    Babu Frik And Moaning Myrtle Were Played By The Same Actor, What A Legend

    That settles it, Shirley Henderson is a legend.

    If you went to the movies this past week — and you weren't traumatizing yourself by seeing Cats — you probably saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. And if you saw RoS, you probably loved Babu Frik.

    Good morning to no one except Babu Frik, the greatest character from #RiseofSkywalker. I want merchandise. I want a Disney ride. I want videogames. Milk this for all it’s worth like a 90s boyband.

    Because who didn't? He's the perfect Star Wars side character. He's weirdly adorable and has a funny voice. He's like Baby Yoda but he speaks full sentences.

    Baby Yoda Babu Frik In the In the Streets Sheets

    Here's where I blow your freakin' minds. Do you know who voiced Babu Frik? Shirley Henderson, aka Moaning Myrtle!

    Warner Bros.

    I know what you're thinking:


    But it's true!

    not enough people are talking about how shirley henderson is the voice of babu frik

    It's right there on IMDb!

    Anyway, I just needed you to know that Shirley is a legend because she's had two completely scene-stealing characters in two of the biggest franchises in cinema history. That's all!

    Warner Bros.

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