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Someone Calculated How Much Things Cost In "Harry Potter" In Muggle Money

So basically, now we know how much a wand actually costs at Ollivanders.

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UNTIL NOW. Industrious Redditor aubieismyhomie went through the books and found out what things cost in galleons and sickles, then compared that to Muggle prices for similar objects.

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For example, when Harry buys a bunch of candy off the train trolley in the first book, that costs 11 sickles and 7 knuts.

Other named prices in the books include:

A ride on the Knight Bus: 11 sickles

One hot chocolate: 2 sickles

A water bottle and toothbrush: 2 sickles

One Butterbeer: 2 sickles

Advanced Potion Making textbook: 9 galleons

Using this, aubieismyhomie estimated how much wizard money would be compared to Muggle money.

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"Based on this, a Butterbeer from the Hog's Head would be about $3 (as would hot chocolate on the Knight Bus), Harry bought about $18 of candy on the Hogwarts Express in his first year, and a high-level textbook costs about $175 (which Harry complained about how expensive it was)," the Reddit user wrote.


Harry's wand from Ollivanders cost 7 galleons, which comes out to only about $175.

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Not bad, considering it had a phoenix feather in it and could cast all kinds of awesome spells and stuff.

There's some inconsistency between the books and the movies over what the bounty was on Harry's head, but it's either 10,000 galleons or 100,000 galleons.

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That means Voldemort and the corrupt Ministry were offering either $250,000 or a whopping $2.5 MILLION for Harry's capture.