17 Mixed-Breed Dogs Who Are The Cutest Things Alive


    1. This German shepherd and golden retriever mix, who is being very good at the vet:

    2. This husky/pit mix with the bluest eyes ever:

    3. And this one, who ended up with two different eye colors:

    4. This Aussie mix with big ol' fluffy ears:

    5. This Corgi who's also maybe a German shepherd? Or a cattle dog? Dunno, but he's cute:

    6. This Shar Pei and bulldog mix who looks concerned; but don't worry, it's just the wrinkles:

    7. This Chihuahua mix with floppy, adorable ears:

    8. This German shepherd mixed with a coyote:

    9. This German shepherd/American Staffordshire terrier mix who really grew into her ears:

    10. This English bull terrier mix who loves Target trips:

    11. This insanely fluffy Pomsky:

    12. This handsome and outdoorsy chow/husky (or chusky):

    13. This corgi and chocolate lab mix who loves walks:

    14. This self-proclaimed mutt who's really into car rides:

    15. This border collie and samoyed mix who has the most boopable nose:

    16. This chipoo (chihuahua/poodle) who's ready to settle in and read a good book:

    17. And finally, this cutie whose owners admit, "We don't know what the hell he is."