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    Miley Cyrus Hilariously Responded To Lil Nas X Making Fun Of "Hannah Montana"

    "Again?! The old Hannah reveal is losing its shock value."

    If you were a fan of Hannah Montana, you probably know that Miley revealed herself to be Hannah wayyyy too many times for someone who was supposed to be leading a secret double life. As proof, here's a supercut of all those times:

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    So, when Lil Nas X posted this video parodying "every episode of Hannah Montana," people understood it deeply.


    i hope miley don’t block me for this

    ♬ CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY LIL NAS X - not lil nas x

    Basically, he just does a spot-on impression of Hannah making a big reveal at the end of a cliffhanger episode:

    Lil Nas X wearing a blonde wig and a shiny shirt and saying "I can't keep doing this Lily I can't keep living this lie"
    Lil Nas X /

    And he captioned it "I hope Miley don't block me for this."

    Lil Nas X after taking off the wig, with text that reads "to be continued"
    Lil Nas X

    Well, not only did Miley NOT block him, she responded with her own reaction!


    #duet with @lilnasx What Lily is really thinking when Miley presses send on ANOTHER Hannah reveal. @lilnasx

    ♬ CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY LIL NAS X - not lil nas x

    In her duet video, Miley is dressed as Lilly and reacts to the "big reveal" by saying, "Again? The old Hannah reveal's losing its shock value."

    Miley Cyrus in a purple wig and pink hat, duetting Lil Nas X's video
    Miley Cyrus /

    "You do this every f**king week, Miley!"

    Miley continuing to jokingly rant at Lil Nas X
    Miley Cyrus /

    I'd like to thank both Lil Nas X and Miley for that little trip back in time.