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    17 Jokes About The French Language That Prove It's As Weird As English Is

    "French is Spanish but you speak it in cursive."

    1. This confession:

    2. This accurate description:

    3. This sequence of puns:

    4. This written accent:

    5. This A+ joke:

    6. This literal translation that shows how extra French can be:

    7. This response that, even if you don't speak French, you'll probably be able to understand:

    8. These little quirks of the language:

    9. This literal translation that is so metal:

    10. This realization that very much sums up both the kindness and attitude of the French people:

    11. This change in the French version of Harry Potter:

    12. This simple explanation:

    13. This explanation for all the revolutions:

    14. This warning:

    15. This list that proved French parents are the most sarcastic:

    16. This literal translation of French counting:

    17. And finally, the French term for "cotton candy," which will absolutely make you shudder:

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