McDonald's In The '80s And '90s Was The Best, And These Photos Prove It

    Who else remembers their "orange drink"?

    McDonald's has some cool stuff these days, like new nugget sauces and touchscreens you can order from. But let's face it: Pre-2000s McDonald's was the best McDonald's. That's just a fact.

    1. You could swivel around on a burger stool.

    2. Or you could chill in Burger Jail if you wanted to.

    3. There were little pieces of transforming McDonald's food.

    4. Some of them were dinosaurs!

    5. They gave out a lot of drinking glasses and mugs too, like these ones to celebrate the opening of Batman Forever.

    6. Or these Garfield ones, which were pretty much in every kitchen cabinet in America.

    7. You USED to be able to get delicious "orange drink" whenever you wanted, but now it's discontinued.

    8. And sometimes you'd get it at school events or sports games, delivered in this big yellow cooler.

    9. When you pulled up you could see the counter on the sign telling you how many billions of people they've served. Maybe you even remember the day it hit 99 and then changed to "billions and billions."

    10. Remember when they used to serve CHOCOLATE and TWIST cones, instead of just vanilla?

    11. Oh, and birthdays at McDonald's were the bomb, all that and a bag of chips, bitchin', etc.

    12. They gave out Halloween buckets in October, which were obviously super useful.

    13. You may remember having a dinosaur hand puppet.

    14. Or chilling on a bench with Ronald himself.

    15. Even if you didn't have a Halloween McNugget toy, you probably remember the commercials.

    16. Or you might remember having one of these toys that looked like menu items.

    17. McDonaldland cookies? Yep.

    18. These Looney Tunes superheroes had little clip-on costumes which were totally awesome.

    19. And if you preferred Tiny Toons, there were these little flip cars.

    20. Seeing the brand-new Nintendo 64 set up in the restaurant was a beautiful surprise.

    21. There was the "Mac Tonight" moon man, who was creepy but effective.

    22. You probably really wanted to collect all of the Disney toys that came in fake VHS boxes.

    23. And, of course, there was the Styrofoam...which is the one thing on this list we won't miss.