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    I Tried This Viral McDonald's Chicken Nugget Hack, And Here's What I Think

    Don't mind me, I'll just be over here saucin' my nuggs.

    Hello. My name is Andy and I love chicken nuggets. And if you're reading this, you probably do too.

    So when I saw this chicken nugget "hack" on TikTok from user @uryo1113, I figured I had to try it. The idea is to take your nugget sauce or sauces, dump them in the box, and shake it up...

    ...and you end up with perfectly sauced nuggs, almost like boneless wings. Intriguing!

    Close-up of nuggs slathered with sauce

    I put this to the test with a six-piece nuggets order and my fave sauce (which is sweet and sour).

    The nuggets in a takeout box with sweet 'n sour sauce packets

    I dumped the sauces in the container. Already, I noticed that I couldn't quite get all the sauce out unless I had some kind of spoon or utensil, so some sauce remained stuck to the sauce packet. That's some wasted sauce right there, which I don't love.

    Nuggets and sauce in a container

    I closed the box and noticed that some of the sauce leaked out of the seam at the back of the container. So that's a little more sauce lost (plus a bit of a mess if you're doing this in the car).

    Then I gave it a little shaky shake...

    ...and here's what it looked like!

    So how did it turn out? Well, the coating was a little inconsistent. For example, this nugget was well coated on one side...

    Hand holding a nugget with sauce on it

    ...but on the other, it was almost completely dry.

    Hand holding nugget with little sauce on it

    I gotta say, though, when you do get a fully covered nugget, it tastes great. When you dip, you're naturally going to get sauce on only about half your nugget. Like Achilles being dunked in the River Styx, a dipped nugg will always have a weak spot. But a full coating? Super tasty. You also don't have to worry about calculating your nugget-to-sauce ratio as you eat for fear of running out of sauce.

    Person holding up a nugget with sauce

    You are going to end up with sauce all over your fingers with this method, though. If you want chicken wing levels of sauce, you're going to get chicken wing levels of mess.

    Close-up of fingers with some sauce on them

    So would I recommend this "hack"? I think it depends. This might be a good option if you're eating in the car and don't want to have to put your sauce somewhere and dip into it with every bite. On the other hand, you're likely to drip some sauce in this process, so it might make a mess if you're in the car. Of course, I used a fairly thin sauce for this, so it might work better with something like barbecue or honey mustard, as was used in the original TikTok video. And of course, if you like to mix two sauces together, this is a great way to do it. I also think this might work better with a four-piece nuggets order, since there would be more empty space in the container and you might get better coverage.

    But when I'm at home, I'll probably keep dipping so that I can keep things neat and tidy.