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    These "Star Wars" Autographs From Mark Hamill Are Hilariously Unexpected

    "Yes George, but just try ACTING to these scripts!"

    Mark Hamill was probably already your personal hero.

    After seeing some of his hilarious autographs, though, you'll probably love him even more.

    Mark Hamill spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed and verified the authenticity of the autographs.

    Hamill explained that the funny notes were partly for him, but mostly for the fans.

    Depending on the fan, Hamill will sometimes sign with as much irreverence as he with this hilariously dark joke.

    Some of them he might not have signed with the internet around (but we're totally glad he did).

    Hamill noted how different it is to be such an important figure in pop culture these days.

    But mostly, being a part of Star Wars and the resulting franchise is and has always been fun...and a little funny.

    That goes for the rest of the cast too.

    Of course, being Star Wars, they had to take it seriously when the cameras rolled.

    The most important thing for fans to know is that a Mark Hamill autograph can be whatever you want it to be.

    Of course, who WOULDN'T want to be the proud owner of this gem?

    So thank you, Mark Hamill, for bringing even more joy into our lives.