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    Mark Hamill Accidentally Gave Arnold Schwarzenegger The Worst Advice At The Start Of His Career

    "Lose the accent and change your name."

    So Mark Hamill (you may know him as Luke Skywalker, duh) has become kind of a dad for nerds everywhere.

    As it turns out, he also acted as a bit of a mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day, too!

    Today, in response to a fan, Hamill revealed that he gave Arnold some advice when he was just starting out in the film business. Some...kinda bad advice.

    Yep, Hamill told Schwarzenegger to "lose his accent" and "change his last name." So basically, he advised him to give up two of the defining characteristics that helped make him a huge star.

    To be fair, that wasn't bad advice for actors in general back in the '80s! And Arnold said so himself in a tweet to Hamill, saying that "those were the rules back then."

    Thankfully, Arnold ignored that advice, and now we have classic lines like this one, in Arnold's classic Austrian accent: