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    Mar 5, 2018

    Lonely Island Wrote A Song For The Oscars, And You Can Hear It Now

    It would've had all of the Chrises in it!

    You may know The Lonely Island, former SNL members and authors of such hit songs as "Dick in a Box," "I'm on a Boat," and "Jizz in My Pants," to name a few.

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    Well, it turns out that the guys wrote a song for this year's Oscars, but it didn't make the show because it was an "expensive and logistical nightmare."

    Luckily, The Lonely Island posted a storyboard version of the song to their YouTube page, and it turns out it's pretty hilarious.

    View this video on YouTube

    The song is about all the big-budget "popcorn movies" like Thor, Wonder Woman, or IT that were fun movies to watch, but not traditional "Oscar material."

    The song seems like it would've been hilarious. We would've had Tiffany Haddish singing about peeing on a zip-line in Girls Trip:

    There would've been a little number from the Chrises, including Rock:

    And we would've gotten a (likely shirtless) Jason Momoa singing about boning fish-men:

    But alas, it probably would've been impossible to get ALL of these stars together, not to mention what this music video would've cost. So all we have is this demo version.

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