Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Memes About The Marvel Movies

    "If Yondu were alive then that battle in Wakanda would've ended in five minutes tops while 'No Diggity' played in the background."

    1. If Tony and Peter Parker were at a bar:

    2. The real reason Doctor Strange picked this future:

    3. And an actual photo of him finding that future:

    4. Here's an absolute truth:

    5. Loki gets his own gender:

    6. Pretty sure this actually happened:

    7. Yeah, so...they put Thanos in Fortnite.

    8. This is 100% true:

    9. I wanna see this scene:

    10. Siddown, Parker:

    11. Also T'Challa is now played by Jordan Peele and Killmonger by Keegan-Michael Key:

    12. I stan Goose as Fury's furry therapist:

    13. Somebody dreamed up an excellent sequel:

    14. You know what? I think this person is right:

    15. "Oh what, did Leonardo use his swords to make the Mona Lisa?"

    16. "It's important, trust me":

    17. Wow, imagine calling out Steve Rogers like this for something that's completely accurate:

    18. TBH, Steve probably had a rough 70-ish years:

    19. The only being that can defeat Thanos:

    20. Thicc Thanos has his ways:

    21. And finally...wait, this is a really good point: