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    People Are Sharing The Little Home Improvements That Improve Quality Of Life And I'm Heading To Lowe's

    Gimme that soft-close toilet seat, baybayyyyy.

    Home projects can be overwhelming and scary, or at least just super expensive. But recently, Redditor u/MikeH01 shared a list of manageable "little quality of life improvements that make a big difference" around the home. That prompted others to share their projects that changed their lives for the better. Here are some of the most upvoted ones!

    1. Replacing rattling plastic registers with higher quality metal ones.

    A central air register in a home's ceiling
    Douglas Sacha / Getty Images

    "Avoid cheap plastic registers; a lot of them tend to be quite noisy when the furnace or fan is running."


    2. Putting in solid core doors and silicone caulk to add soundproofing.

    An interior solid core door leading to a kitchen
    Lowe's / Via

    "Solid core (as opposed to hollow core) doors to further reduce noise travel. Combine this with a bit of silicone around the frame to prevent noise when slamming."


    3. Upgrading to mesh Wi-Fi or running ethernet lines to improve your internet connectivity and speed.

    Amazon's Eero mesh WiFi system consisting of three small boxes that relay WiFi
    Amazon / Via

    "Some homes have a hard time with Wi-Fi; consider a MoCA or mesh system to counter that. You can also have ethernet lines installed."


    4. Installing soft-close drawers and cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.

    A kitchen with an open soft-close drawer
    Lowe's / Via

    "The hardware isn't too pricey and you can do it yourself."


    5. Converting lower cabinets to drawers or installing pull-outs.

    Slide-out wireframe drawers installed into a lower cabinet
    Lowe's / Via

    "All storage below the counter should be drawers. We did this in our kitchen and the difference is amazing. There is no reaching to the back because there is no back. Much better use of space."


    6. Putting one big sink in the kitchen instead of split smaller sinks.

    A large sink in a dark grey color
    Lowe's / Via

    "Being able to wash out a cooler or fit a full-size baking pan in the bottom of the sink is invaluable."


    7. Getting soft-closing toilet lids for all your bathrooms.

    A product photo of a soft-close toilet seat
    Lowe's / Via

    "Just bite the bullet and do all the toilets at once, though, because once you get used to it you will inevitably forget which one doesn't have it and the lid goes slamming down at 4 a.m."


    8. Converting to timer-run bathroom ventilation fans.

    A timer switch that allows you to set the amount of time that it's on by pressing a button
    Amazon / Via

    "15/30/45/60 timer on a Panasonic WhisperQuiet bathroom fan. Really nice to click one button when you get in [the] shower and all steam goes right out and [you] never forget to turn it off."


    9. Putting in a tall toilet that's appropriate for your height.

    A bathroom with a tall ADA-compliant toilet
    Lowe's / Via

    "Taller toilets, we just switched our 14.5-inch for a 16-inch. So much better."


    10. Changing to motion-sensing light switches so you don't have to fumble in the dark.

    A motion-sensing light switch by Lutron
    Amazon / Via

    "My little improvement is installing motion sensor light switches, like in the garage and laundry room. I was always leaving the lights on in those rooms. I love them so much I added them to the pantry and closets."


    11. Putting a keypad or other smart lock on your front door.

    A front door with a keypad smart lock
    Amazon / Via

    "When we moved in to our house, I installed a keypad front door lock, and keypad garage door opener. It's nice not having to carry keys all the time, especially since my work is doing away with keys and one of my cars doesn't require a key either."


    12. Replacing door knobs, light switches, and outlets for an easy visual refresh.

    An updated outlet with USB A and C ports
    Amazon / Via

    "In my last house, replaced all of the builder-grade doorknobs with nice, quiet Kwikset Tustin levers, replaced all of the light switches with Decoras and replaced all of the worn-out outlets also with Decoras and it made the house just feel newer at so many touch points."


    13. Adding a bidet attachment to cut down on toilet paper use.

    A Tushy brand bidet attachment
    Amazon / Via

    "Those things are life-changing."


    14. Updating to a smart thermostat to save energy AND make sure you don't have to get up to change the temperature.

    A Google Nest smart thermostat
    Amazon / Via

    "Buying a smart thermostat was one of the best purchases I made."


    15. Putting a reverse osmosis filter under your sink

    A reverse osmosis under-sink filter system
    Amazon / Via

    "You'll never have to worry about drinking water quality again! You can get one pretty cheap at Costco and half a day to install yourself."


    16. And finally, these three simple words:

    A curved shower rod in a bathroom
    Amazon / Via



    Do you have a home improvement project that changed your life for the better? Let us know about it in the comments!

    And check out the Reddit thread for more suggestions!