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Ryan Seacrest Tried To Text Kris Jenner About Kylie And He Got Shut The Eff Down

I cringe.

The world stopped briefly over the weekend, because Kylie Jenner is probably pregnant.

Ryan Seacrest, who just interviewed the Kardashians for the 10-year anniversary of KUWTK, tried to text Kris Jenner directly for details right before going on the air for Live with Kelly and Ryan. And...well, just watch:

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Ryan and Kelly were SUPER excited, because they were getting the little texting bubbles from Kris right as they were walking out to set.

After stalling for time a bit, the text FINALLY CAME THROUGH!!!!

...Aaaaaaand nope. Nothing.


Moral: Don't try Kris Jenner, even if you're Ryan Seacrest.