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    21 Times "Family Guy" Was Legit Hilarious

    "Pretend I'm your child, Lois! NOT MEG!"

    1. When Peter misunderstood.

    2. When the show accurately summed up how male friendships start.

    3. When Stewie picked the wrong door.

    4. When the newspaper got meta.

    5. And when Peter and Homer got REALLY meta.

    6. Pretty much anytime Mayor West spoke, but especially when he got a nosebleed.

    7. When America got called out.

    8. When we learned Meg's real name.

    9. When they came up with a new slogan for Texas...

    10. ...and North Dakota.

    11. When Joe needed Lois to find her inner strength.

    12. When this happened.

    13. When Peter was extra heavy.

    14. When Quahog News reporter Tricia Takanawa was honest.

    15. When we got this classic cut-away.

    16. When we got a small reminder that Brian is, in fact, a dog.

    17. When Peter came up with a plan.

    18. When they dropped a really good Oral Roberts joke on us.

    19. When they burned Eli Manning pretty bad.

    20. When they summed up YouTube comments perfectly.

    21. And finally, when Peter did this.