16 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere

    "I can't believe Game of Thrones took the time to make fun of man buns."

    1. Nothing but support for our little murder daughter:

    2. I could see this happening:

    3. Lyanna Mormont for queen of everything:

    4. Honestly, there were a lot of great clapbacks:

    5. Even from the Hound:

    6. Euron's eyeliner was on point though:

    7. We're all ready for a little violence against Littlefinger:

    8. Ew, Stannis's balls.

    9. Truth:

    10. Things you hear only on Game of Thrones:

    11. WHAT:

    12. "Shape of his you":

    13. Did you really think we were going to avoid a "Fireflies" post?

    14. Accurate:

    15. She's all grown up:

    16. TBH, just a great episode for women: