People Can't Get Over Jonathan Groff's Spit During "Hamilton"

    This is commitment to character, people.

    Over the weekend, the Hamilton movie finally arrived on Disney+.

    The cast of Hamilton during the opening number

    One of the joys of having this movie available to stream is that we're able to see the original Broadway cast. That includes Jonathan Groff, who is the subject of this post.

    Jonathan Groff as King George III singing "You'll Be Back"

    You see, Groff (who plays King George III) has been a topic of discussion since the film dropped, because the close-ups allowed people to see just how much he spit while singing "You'll Be Back."

    The way that I just saw Jonathan Groff’s spit in 4K HD..... #HamiltonFilm #hamifilm

    If you missed it when you were watching (not sure how you could, TBH), here's a little GIF of the spittle moment. It's when he angrily sings "And NO, don't change the subject!"

    Naturally, the moment sparked all kinds of reactions on Twitter.

    POV: me in the front row of hamilton while Jonathan Groff is singing You’ll Be Back

    And TikTok, too.

    People were just astonished.


    And perhaps a little damp.

    Thoughts and prayers to the people who had front row seats #hamilton #jonathangroff

    Lest you think the spittle was just reserved for this film version, it was not! Hamilton music director and conductor Alex Lacamoire tweeted that he would occasionally get a little spray while he was down in the orchestra pit during that song.

    The answer is "Yes, I would occasionally feel Jonathan Groff's spittle fall on me during performances." And you know what? Worth it. #Hamilfilm

    Anyway, that's all, may your day be safely spit-free.

    King George's spit drool is truly transgressive in 2020, mercy me #Hamilton

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