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    17 People Who Had Hilarious Language Brain Farts

    "I've been googling 'sack rat' for half an hour because I forgot the word kangaroo." Inspired by this post.

    1. Wind garbage.

    2. Stick horse game to win princess.

    3. Christmas. Llamas.

    4. Meat buying places.

    5. Fabric. Hot dog.

    6. Gaycist.

    7. Sneeze paper.

    8. SACK RAT.

    9. Wood livers?

    10. Sure, gloves for your feet.

    11. Three color Halloween thing. Three. Color. Halloween. Thing.

    12. Internal frickin' pottery.

    13. Concrete fence.

    14. Knitted neck bracelet!

    15. Halloween melon.

    16. Money diet?!

    17. JERRY IS HERE.

    Inspired by this post.