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So, Princess Leia From "Star Wars" Got Her PhD At 19 And I'm Like, "Whoa"

That's DR. Leia Organa to you.

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But a tweet that went viral this week will give you yet another reason to love Leia Organa...

Hang on wait what... Leia had a PhD in Star Wars? Christ can you imagine having everyone call you Princess when you… https://t.co/Sxvrdba69b

People are kinda flipping out over the addition to their favorite character's already long list of accomplishments.

@BeccaEHarrison @sunnysingh_n6 guys guys it's *Senator* Doctor General Princess Organa

Others have jokes about how frickin' hard and time-consuming it is to get a PhD.

@BeccaEHarrison @LitChick79 somehow having a PhD at 19 is actually the most fanciful element of Star Wars :)

And then, of course, there are the puns.

@BeccaEHarrison We have clearly, clearly all been doing our PhDs in Alderaan places.... 😎

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