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    18 Little iPhone Life Hacks That You Should Know In 2020

    You can measure stuff! With your phone!

    1. Create a shortcut so you never have to type in your email address again.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    If you go to Settings --> General --> Keyboards --> Text Replacement, you can add as many text shortcuts as you like. You could use this to make your phone stop autocorrecting "fucking" to "ducking," or you could make it so anytime you need to fill out a form, all you have to do is type a few characters and autocorrect will type out your whole email address. In the above example, typing "qqq" would autocorrect to ""

    2. Measure stuff using the camera.

    If you've ever thought, "Damn, I wish I had a tape measure," this one's for you. There's an Apple app called Measure, and it allows you to measure IRL distances using your phone's camera. It's kinda like magic, honestly.

    3. Or use your phone as a level to hang pictures.

    When you're in the Measure app, you'll see an option to use your phone as a level, which is great because you can never find your actual level when you're trying to hang something.

    4. Add a "home button" back in.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    If you have anything later than an iPhone 8, then you no longer have a physical home button. Sometimes you might miss it. By going to Settings --> Accessibility --> Touch and turning on AssistiveTouch, you can get a small circle on your screen that you can tap to bring up a shortcut menu to various options. You can also assign different functions (like taking a screenshot or locking your screen rotation) to different presses of that button, like double-tapping or long-pressing.

    It's not quite like having a physical, clickable home button, but it can help if you're tired of remembering how to swipe to get to where you want to go.

    5. Use iOS's Dark Mode.

    This will turn all of your phone's menus that are usually bright white into a dark grey/black instead. It'll really save your eyes if you have to check your phone in a dark room! Set it by going to Settings --> Display & Brightness.

    6. Use the keyboard as a track pad to move the cursor while typing.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Y'know when you make a typo while texting and it's like, impossible to tap on the right spot to place the typing cursor? Well, you can just tap and hold anywhere on the keyboard, and then you can slide your finger left and right to slide the cursor around.

    7. Use the LED flash as a sound-free notification for texts or calls.

    Go to Settings --> Accessibility --> Audio/Visual and turn on LED Flash for Alerts. This setting is meant for those hard of hearing, but it also works if you need to silence your phone but still want to know if you're getting a call or text.

    8. Use Google Maps when you're offline.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    If you're traveling overseas or somewhere else where you won't have access to data, you can often download Google maps for the area in advance. Just tap on a location, then tap on the menu (it looks like three dots in the upper-right corner) and tap "Download offline map."

    9. Set a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you fall asleep.

    If you like listening to podcasts or music while you fall asleep but want it to shut off after a while, all you need to do is set a timer (through the clock app) and scroll down to the bottom of the "When Timer Ends" menu. Select "Stop Playing" and your music will shut off when the timer expires.

    10. Use a scientific calculator and get more functions.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    All you have to do is turn your phone sideways and you'll get many more options, like square roots and logarithms. Make sure your screen orientation isn't locked!

    11. Reach apps at the top of your screen more easily.

    If you have one of the larger iPhone models, it can be tough to reach the top of the screen with your thumb. There's a simple solution: Swipe down at the very bottom of the screen (if you still have a home button, double-tap it without clicking) to shift all your apps down a bit so you can reach the ones at the top.

    12. Or, turn off Reachability so you don't accidentally do it.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Under Settings --> Accessibility --> Touch, you can toggle Reachability on or off. You might want it off if you (like me) find yourself accidentally brushing the bottom of your screen with your thumb all the time.

    13. Turn on your Do Not Disturb during a movie and have it turn off automatically.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    If you press and hold the Do Not Disturb button in your Control Center, it'll give you these options. You could schedule it out, or you can select "until I leave this location" and your Do Not Disturb will turn off automatically when you leave the theater.

    14. Stop getting notifications from that overactive group chat.


    Sometimes you end up in a group chat that just has one too many notifications for you to deal with. But instead of leaving the chat, you can simply tap on the photos of the group at the top of the screen, tap "Info," and then toggle "Hide Alerts." You'll still get the red notification counter on your home screen, but you won't get a chime, buzz, or banner.

    15. Quickly text someone your location.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Instead of sending your friend an address to let them know where you are, all you have to do is type in "I'm at" and (if you have location services on), your phone's autocorrect will provide your current location.

    16. Customize your Control Center for easy access to the stuff you change often.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Your Control Center (the menu that shows up when you swipe down from the top right) has some very useful stuff by default, like buttons for airplane mode and controls for your brightness and music. But you can also add buttons for settings and Apple apps that you use often, like your Wallet or calculator. You can also set shortcuts to things like your alarms, or add a button to toggle low power mode.

    17. Change the brightness of your flashlight.

    Your phone's flashlight is insanely bright by default, but if you tap and hold the icon, you can choose lower brightness levels. It's especially helpful if you need to get up during the night and don't want to wake yourself up with a too-bright light.

    18. Tell Siri to pronounce your name properly.

    If Siri pronounces your name or one of your contact's names wrong, you can just say, "That's not how you pronounce [name]." Siri will then prompt you to pronounce the name, and once she does you can choose from a list of options for the one that sounds the closest.