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    37 iPhone Hacks That'll Make Your Life Wayyy Easier

    Today I learned you can use the phone as a level to perfectly measure and hang pictures.

    1. Playing your music at the loudest volume and it's still not loud enough? All you have to do is go to Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night.

    Graphic of iPhone Settings options

    2. Use shortcuts.

    Text: Create a shortcut so you never have to type in your email address again

    3. Measure stuff using the camera.

    Camera showing length of a table

    4. Or use your phone as a level to hang pictures.

    5. Add a "home button" back in.

    6. Use iOS's Dark Mode.

    7. Use the keyboard as a track pad to move the cursor while typing.

    8. Use the LED flash as a sound-free notification for texts or calls.

    Flash on iPhone

    9. Use Google Maps when you're offline.

    Google Maps option for Kanda Station in Tokyo

    10. Set a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you fall asleep.

    When Timer Ends options highlighted

    11. Use a scientific calculator and get more functions.

    Calculator keys

    12. Reach apps at the top of your screen more easily.

    13. Or turn off Reachability so you don't accidentally do it.

    Reachability under Accessibility options is turned on

    14. Turn on your Do Not Disturb during a movie and have it turn off automatically.

    Do Not Disturb screen options

    15. Stop getting notifications from that overactive group chat.

    Screenshot of iMessage chat

    16. Quickly text someone your location.

    Text: "I'm parking right now, where you at" and "I'm at"

    17. Customize your Control Center for easy access to the stuff you change often.

    Screenshot of Control Center options

    18. Change the brightness of your flashlight.

    Flashlight brightness options

    19. Tell Siri to pronounce your name properly.

    Five options for Siri to pronounce the name Saoirse

    20. Completely customize your Control Center.

    21. Record your screen.

    Arrows pointing to Screen Recording option in Control Center

    22. Hide your "private" photos.

    Hide option circled

    23. You can close out three apps at once.

    Multiple apps open at once

    24. Have Siri read your email out loud:

    Screen notification of at least 25 emails

    25. Make custom vibrations for alerts.

    26. Use numbers and letters to make your password instead of just numbers.

    27. If you make a mistake, remember you can "shake to undo" as a way to backspace.

    "Undo Typing" option: Cancel or undo

    28. Use the built-in clock to go to bed on time.

    Clock screen options

    29. Have your flashlight go off when you get an alert.

    Flashlight lit up on iPhone

    30. You can ask Siri what planes are flying above you right now:

    Siri showing flight numbers in response to question "Hey Siri what flights are above me?"

    31. Use your phone to set reminders when you arrive at or leave a specific location.

    32. You probably already know this one, but if you push the volume button, it will snap a photo.

    33. Use the camera as a magnifying glass.

    34. If you have an iPhone X, you can swipe at the bottom of the screen to switch between apps.

    Two apps on a split screen

    35. Use the rear-facing camera (the one on the back of your phone) instead of the front-facing camera (the one used for selfies) whenever you can.

    36. Use the headphones that came with your iPhone as a remote for taking photos.

    Headphones tangled up with charger wires

    37. And finally, record in 4K video.

    Record Video resolution options

    This post contains content from Michelle Rennex, Andy Golder, Kevin Smith, and Rachel Wilkerson Miller. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.