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    13 Before And Afters From TikTok And Reddit That Are Just So Satisfying

    Everything from power washing to jewelry cleaning.

    1. Here's an old, dried-up plastic stadium seat:

    Plastic stadium seats that are dried out and sun bleached
    u/_ThatSynGirl / Via

    And here's the same seat after exposing it to heat from a blowtorch:

    The same seats now returned to their original color and shine
    u/_ThatSynGirl / Via

    Check out the video of the seats being refreshed:

    2. Here's a gravestone from the 1940s that hasn't been cleaned in a while:

    A gravestone covered in moss and dirt
    @ladytaphos / Via

    And here's the same gravestone after a thorough cleaning:

    The same stone after a cleaning
    @ladytaphos / Via

    Check out the video of the marker being renewed:


    It only took about 10 minutes to clean up Loyd's marker, and it looks beautiful. 💫 #cemetery #gravestone #respect #fyp #bedfordva #ladytaphos

    ♬ original sound - Alicia

    3. Here's an old, rusted toy car:

    A beat-up toy car that's rusted and has broken windows
    u/-Mr_Punisher- / Via

    And here's the same toy car after careful restoration:

    The same car after restoration, with new paint, wheels, and windows
    u/-Mr_Punisher- / Via

    Here's the video of the car being revitalized:

    4. Here's an air conditioner grille that's all dented and misshapen:

    An air conditioner grille that's dented
    u/asdfgdhtns / Via

    And here's the same unit after straightening out those fins:

    The same grille with the fins straightened out
    u/asdfgdhtns / Via

    Check out the video to see how it's done:

    5. Here's a dumpster-dived couch:

    A dirty couch
    @aurikatarina / Via

    And here's the couch after a careful deep cleaning:

    The same couch after a cleaning now a bright white
    @aurikatarina / Via

    Check out the process, if you can handle seeing how much brown water comes out of the bucket:


    Guys could you BELIVE it's the SAME SOFA?!!😳😵🤩 Never underestimate the power of washing!🤩SOO #satisfying #beforeandafter #deepclean #sofacleaning

    ♬ Harry Potter - The Intermezzo Orchestra

    6. Here's a driveway with some overgrown grass in need of edging:

    A driveway with grass in the middle that's overgrown
    @trustedgarden / Via

    And here's the driveway after a nice trim:

    The same driveway with the grass neatly edged and trimmed
    @trustedgarden / Via

    Check out the video of the process:

    7. Here are some algae-covered pool steps:

    Pool steps covered in green algae
    @thep00lguy / Via

    And here are the same steps after a deep cleaning:

    The same pool steps now cleaned and bright blue
    @thep00lguy / Via

    You can watch the mucky process in this video:

    8. Here's a lil' patio with years of dirt:

    A concrete patio covered in dirt and mold
    @allbritenc / Via

    And here's the patio after a good ol' pressure wash:

    The same patio fully cleaned
    @allbritenc / Via

    Here's the video so you can watch it all wash away:

    9. Here's the center console of a car that needs some love:

    A car's center console and cup holders covered in sticky mess

    And here's the console after a thorough detailing:

    The same console spotlessly clean

    I highly recommend watching this video of the full detail, because phew:

    10. Speaking of cars, here's a floor mat that's covered in...I don't even know:

    A brownish yellow car floor mat
    @brantfordautospa / Via

    And here's the mat after some soap, a drill brush, and a wet vac:

    The same door mat now cleaned to its normal beige color
    @brantfordautospa / Via

    Here's the short video for that one:

    11. Here's a beautiful antique bench that needs some love:

    A wood bench with scratches and a worn finish
    @josiemdavis / Via

    And here's the same bench after some sanding and refinishing:

    The same bench with a smooth renewed finish
    @josiemdavis / Via

    Watch the satisfying video below:


    finally refinished one of my favorite thrift finds! ❤️ #diyhomedecoproject #thriftedfurniture #refinishing furniture #learnontiktok

    ♬ Thoughts - L.Dre

    12. Here's half of a pair of True Blue Jordan 3s that have been well worn:

    An old sneaker that's dirty and worn out
    @powekicks / Via

    And here's that same shoe after being lovingly restored and repainted:

    The same sneaker cleaned up with crisp colors
    @powekicks / Via

    Check out the video to see how it's done:

    13. And finally, here's a pretty ring that's lost a bit of its shine:

    A diamond ring that's a little dingy

    And here's the ring after an ultrasonic cleaning:

    The same ring after a cleaning looking very shiny

    You gotta watch the video, you won't believe how much dirt comes off of it:

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