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    I'm Dying Laughing At These "Overheard" Tweets

    "Why on earth did they call it a jet ski, and not a boatabike?"

    1. You know that moment where you catch the perfect snippet of conversation?

    Overheard at the office- Coworker 1: I really believe in giving kids traditional names as an asset to them, weird names will really hinder them. Coworker 2: Your son's name is 'Lukas' with a K Coworker 1: That's because it's cool

    2. And it ends up being the funniest thing you've heard all week?

    *Overheard from the playground at the daycare across the street* Girl: “Give me back my bubbles!” Boy: “But I want to play with them!” Girl: “But they’re mine! Don’t make me pee on you.” Boy: “You wouldn’t!” Judging by the bloodcurdling scream that ensued... she would.

    3. Sometimes it's even better without context, like this one.

    “sorry i’m trying to find out how much i weigh in ants”

    4. Or maybe you overhear your roommate talking to their cat like it's a human.

    Overheard a conversation between my roommate and my cat: "Gary, figure out your own problems, I've got my own problems to deal with."

    5. Or you hear a kid talking like a tiny adult.

    Overheard at Target, small girl voice an aisle over: mommy? Mommy? ...MOMMY? MOMMY!! (talking to herself) how did I lose her? (clears throat) MOMMY! (with more annoyance) ...LILLY!! LILLY!

    6. You can always count on kids for a good laugh.

    Overheard in my class this morning: “Look! They love each other!”

    7. There's the classic "captain obvious" quote...

    Overheard in class: “This week is just a week of days.” Move over Einstein, there’s a new genius in town!

    8. ...Or maybe a good old-fashioned word mix-up.

    just overheard a customer on the phone with his wife: “yeah honey the pharmacist said we could give him half a teaspoon of benadryl, but i found this other allergy medicine it’s all natural, one of those uh, homo pathetic drugs” HOMO PATHETIC HOMEOPATHIC HOMO PATHETIC

    9. Sometimes, the thing you overhear really makes you ~think~.

    Overheard in my kitchen: Why on earth did they call it a Jetski, and not a Boatabike?

    10. Thank goodness people know the difference between insulin and insulation.

    Overheard during @gracecx_ ‘s conversation with her friend....”what is insulin? Isn’t that the cotton candy stuff in the walls?” “No, that’s insulation. Insulin is what keeps me alive” 😂

    11. Raise your hand if you feel this one.

    Overheard a little boy say, “My life is poop,” and I identify with him on a deeply spiritual level.

    12. Choose your Slacks wisely, people.

    overheard in sf: “no one even responds to his slack messages anymore—he’s like the boy who cried @here”

    13. Who knew being a doctor was so badass?

    Overheard on the train “yeh, my dad’s an emergency doctor. It’s a rock and roll lifestyle. Walk in, stabilise the patient, drop the 🎤, walk out”. One for the next NHS recruitment campaign?

    14. Pretty sure all I wanted in 5th grade was a new Trapper Keeper.

    Just overheard a 5th grade boy asking his friends if he should give his ex gf a second chance...what could she have possibly done wrong in 5th grade💀

    15. This one goes out to all the Canadians out there.

    i just overheard someone say "how'd i get snow in my ass??" i love canada

    16. And finally, I'm pretty sure we can all identify with this one.

    Overheard parent talking to toddler: “Do you wanna go home? Take a bath, read a book, go to sleep?” Every adult within earshot looked at each other like