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I Took My Wife's Last Name, And It's One Of The Best Decisions I've Made

"Is that even legal?" —An actual adult person, asking if a man can take his wife's last name

Hi, my name is Andy Golder. You may know me as the guy who likes Game of Thrones way too much.

But two years ago, my name wasn't Andy Golder. It was Andy Neuenschwander. I got married in 2016, and I took my wife's last name.

Here's what I've learned in the first couple years of having a shiny new last name:

1. Some people don't know how to respond.

2. People seem to think of it as a last resort.

3. Changing your name is hard!

4. Women usually love the idea...

5. But some men were weirded out by it.

6. The system isn't really set up for men.

7. I feel like I have to explain myself a lot.

8. Lots of people probably still just assume my wife changed her name.

9. It was all totally worth it.