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    I Made Disneyland's Homemade Dole Whip Recipe And It's Pretty Dang Good

    I failed pretty hard at blending this properly, but it was still tasty!

    Fact: Few things are as delicious as some refreshing Dole Whip at a Disney park on a hot day. Of course, Disney World isn't reopening until July 11, so we have to settle for homemade Dole Whip for now.

    A while ago, Disney Parks released a recipe for a homemade version of Dole Whip that you can make pretty easily with just three ingredients. It seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a try!

    Disney Parks

    This isn't exactly what they make at the parks, since the ~official~ Dole Whip is vegan. But if you use a vegan ice cream option, it should work fine in this recipe!

    Here are the specific ingredients I used. I got fresh pineapple from the store and froze it because they didn't have frozen pineapple, and that might have turned out to be a mistake. More on that in a second.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    On a personal note, I really like Tillamook's old fashioned vanilla ice cream for this, and also just in general. It's very creamy and delicious and makes a nice base for anything ice cream related.

    Maybe it was because I ~attempted~ to halve the recipe and probably put in too much pineapple. Or maybe it was because the fresh pineapple was in chunks that were wayyyy too big (I should've cut them and THEN froze them). But this was really tough to blend! After lots of pulsing and scraping, I finally got a pretty good consistency, all things considered.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Not exactly smooth and silky, but it'll do.

    I don't have a piping bag, but I do love a swirl. So I tried cutting the corner of a freezer bag and using that to pipe out the mixture...

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    ...Which resulted in this. Ahem. I'm not claiming to be an expert dessert maker here.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    But appearance doesn't affect taste, so I gave it a try...and it was pretty good! It definitely would have benefited from better blending, as there were still some chunks and pineapple fibers in there.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    The chunks actually made it a little extra fruity and refreshing, though! The fibers...not so much. Again, using smaller pieces of pineapple might have fixed this. If I was doing it again and couldn't find pre-frozen pineapple, I would try getting canned pineapple, draining it, and freezing that.

    So, would I make this again? With access to the right kind of pineapple to make it easier to work with, yes! The texture was a bit wrong, but that certainly didn't stop me from eating a whole bowl of it. If you're making this for kids who are picky about texture, you'll probably want to make sure you use small pieces of pineapple to get it nice and smooth. And if you're NOT making this for kids, maybe take the suggestion from this Instagram and add a little coconut rum.