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    I Realized Something About Spider-Man In "Avengers: Infinity War" And It's So Sad

    Still sobbing. SPOILERS!!

    OK, this should be obvious since the headline to this post mentions the Avengers: Infinity War ending, but just in case it isn't clear, there are MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!


    So, if you've seen the movie then you're probably still thinking/sobbing about the ending like everyone else. But I realized something that's going to haunt me.


    When the unlucky 50% start disappearing and turning into ash, most of them don't realize it's happening until they're pretty much halfway gone.

    Marvel Comics

    Except for poor Peter Parker, who tells Tony, "I'm not feeling so good," and starts to freak out.


    I'm still hearing echoes of him saying, "I don't wanna go," in my brain and I'm pretty sure I'm traumatized for life.

    So here's what I'm thinking: Peter is the only one who knew it was coming, because his Spidey-sense was off the freakin' charts.


    He may have even felt that Thanos was going to snap his fingers before Thanos actually did it depending on how developed his senses are at this point.

    So it's kind of like Obi-Wan sensing the destruction of Alderaan, except a hundred billion trillion times worse because Peter was sensing the deaths of HALF THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE.

    Disney / Lucasfilm

    So, great. Now that thought is gonna haunt me. Poor Spidey.


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