I Just Learned The Cutest "Mandalorian" Fact And Now I Wanna Protect Baby Yoda Even More

    Contains mild The Mandalorian spoilers.

    If you've been watching The Mandalorian, you know how stinkin' cute Baby Yoda is. And even if you haven't been watching, you've probably also seen all the tweets.

    The 6 stages of Baby Yoda (1) denial: it cannot be this cute (2) pain: it's so cute it hurts me (3) anger: it's so cute, i want to hurt it (4) depression: will anything ever be this cute (5) reflection: what did i do to deserve something so cute (6) acceptance: it cute

    And if you're like me, your heart exploded when you watched the Mandalorian go back and save Baby Yoda in Episode 3.

    WELL folks, it gets even cuter. I came across this little blurb the other day about Mandalorian culture, and lemme tell ya, it really adds to the show's central relationship:

    Basically, it says that Mandalorians don't care much about biological relationships, and will very often adopt orphans based on their strength and potential.

    So basically, in that tradition, the Mandalorian watched Baby Yoda force-lift a huge Mud Horn until it put him in a coma and thought, "THIS IS MY NEW SON."

    This is me reading that:

    Best father/son duo on screen, TBH.